Martin Ryberg

Senior Lecturer – Uppsala University


I am a Senior Lecturer in Systematic Biology at Uppsala University. My research focus on diversity of mushroom-forming fungi, especially those that form the plant root symbiosis ectomycorrhiza. I am interested in what processes that generate and maintain species diversity.  The questions I address are in different scientific fields such as evolution, taxonomy, and ecology and I use a wide array of methods in my studies, for example: field studies, DNA sequencing, bio-/phyloinformatics, and genomics. In addition, I address more applied questions like how fungi are used (ethnomycology), and what controls the production of mushrooms. Most of my fieldwork is done in West Africa and Sweden.

Courses: Fungal diversity and evolution (1BG376)

Systematic Biology, Department of Organismal Biology,
Uppsala University
Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum
Norbyvägen 18D
752 36 Uppsala, Sweden

Phone: +4618-471 2647
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