Daniela Kalthoff, Curator

Swedish Museum of Natural History


I am a trained zoologist and palaeontologist and since December 2011 curator for the mammal collection at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. Key aspects of my research are mainly based on two methods which I apply to various mammalian groups (especially rodents): (1) microstructural analysis of tooth tissues in respect of systematics, phylogeny but also biomechanics; and (2) dental microwear analysis to evaluate dietary habits of extinct taxa as reflected by microscopic scars on the occlusal surfaces left by food items. Other research interests include use of morphometrics to study the taxonomic status of rodents and hares.

Courses: Animal diversity – Vertebrates (BL7034)

Department of Vertebrate Zoology,
Swedish Museum of Natural History

Box 50007
104 05 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 5195 4108
E-mail: daniela.kalthoff@nrm.se
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