Christine Bacon

Assistant professor – University of Gothenburg


My main interest is in the use of molecular phylogenies as a tool to study evolutionary and biogeographical patterns in time and space. I integrate phylogenies with ecological and geological information to understand biodiversity and diversification in tropical regions. I primarily work on palms (Arecaceae), but also actively works on Celastraceae plants in Madagascar and South America. I am an Assistant professor in the Antonelli Lab and is working on a variety of projects including reviewing the evidence for biotic migrations over the Isthmus of Panama in light of new geological and paleontological evidence, as well as examining speciation mechanisms in the Amazon.

Courses: Advanced phylogenetics (BIO404)

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences,
University of Gothenburg
Box 461
405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden

Phone: +46 31 786 5167
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