Year 2021/2022

The preliminary dates for our courses in 2021/2022 are up. Note that due to Covid-19 the dates, especially for field or lab moments, may be subject to change. See the dates for courses here.

Selection results

Today, applicants should have received the notification of selection results. You have until July 24 to reply. Note also that we have updated the information on this fall’s course on this page.

NABIS Academic Calendar 20/21

We have now added the period dates for next school year. Note however, it is preliminary and small deviations from the given dates can occur depending on local regulations. Always check the application information. See the study periods here.

NABiS on LinkedIn

NABiS can be found on LinkedIn now and is therefor ideal for students and staff to link to. The brand new page can bee seen here. LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to build up a professional network and a professional appearance. Most people use it strictly as such, to built up a network, present themselves in professional manner and keep in touch with colleagues or fellow students.

Work in progress

Right now we’re working on a new and simplified website for NABiS for smoother maintenance in the future.  So please bare with us while we’re cleaning and tidying, fixing and adding – it shouldn’t take too long from now. Any suggestions, corrections or comments about the website or its content can be sent directly to Gróa Valgerður, the current webmaster for NABiS.