If you have problems applying, please contact the coordinator at your university or the student office at Stockholm University.

Applying for courses at Swedish Universities

Apply for spring 2023 no later than October 17
Notification of selection results: December 9
Last day to reply to your offer: December 19

Create an account at University Admissions.se or log in through your university’s student portal or if you are not yet accepted with your e-mail/personal number.

Thereafter you can find the courses  – easiest by writing the course code in the search box (check that you are searching for the correct semester!). Unfortunately not all courses can be found at University Admissions.se, for those courses mentioned below use the Swedish site Antagning.se.

If you haven’t applied earlier at University Admissions.se you have to upload a couple of documents like transcript, English proficiency, Copy of passport etc. Please read the information at University Admissions.se carefully.

As a Master student you probably don’t have to upload any new documents unless you completed a course outside Sweden since last time you did an application.

Applying for courses at Norwegian Universities

  • Please see information at the course web site

NABiS courses Autumn 2022

Fungal identification (BIO402) 5 credits: 29 Aug – 16 Sept 2022

Bryophyte morphology and identification (BIOR73) 5 credits: 19 Sept  – 7 Oct, 2022
Not available through University admission, please apply through Swedish version Antagning.se.

Animal diversity – invertebrates (BL7044) 10 credits: 7 Nov – 9 Jan, 2022

Advanced phylogenetics (BIO404) 10 credits: 31 Oct – 9 Dec, 2022

Curation and biodiversity informatics (BL7035) 5 credits: 12 Dec, 2022 – 13 Jan, 2023

Compulsory courses:

Students newly admitted to the programme do not need to apply to these courses, you will be admitted directly.

Alpha taxonomical principles (BIO401), 5 credits: 29 Aug – 16 Sept 2022

Fundamental and molecular systematics (1BG393), 10 credits: 19 Sept – 28 Oct, 2022

NABiS courses Spring 2022

BL7034 Animal diversity – vertebrates 10 cr. ( 17 Jan – 13 Mar)

1BG376 Fungal diversity and evolution 10 cr (1 March – 13 April)

1BG395 Informatics toolbox for systematics 5 cr (1 March – 22 March)

BIO468 International biodiversity resource management 5 cr (21 Mar – 17 Apr)

1BG394 Diversity and identification of marine invertebrates 5 cr (April 19 – May 10)

BIOR72 Plant systematics and diversity 10 cr (April 19 – June 3)

BIO502 Ornithological identification methodology 5 cr (9 May – 5 June)

BI3810 Diversification in time and space 10 NTNU Hans Stenøien, 10 cr (application directly)


NABiS courses Summer 2022

BIO4325 Identification of marine microalgae and macroalgae 5 cr 

BL7036 Insects: Inventory and identification 5 cr (August) (apply  February 21– March 15 via university admission)