Uppsala University, Sweden

Uppsala University is a university of the highest international standards. We are consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and biology is among the strongest fields of the University. Based on student opinion Biology Education Centre was recently ranked no 1 in Europe in the Excellence Ranking made by the German Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE).

Education in systematics at Uppsala University takes place at the Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC), in an exceptionally international environment with many international students and researchers. We have excellent facilities with modern labs, access to wireless network, extensive libraries and a relaxed study environment where students often study together. All education is closely linked to research and the teachers are active researchers. The relation between student and teacher is quite informal in Sweden compared to many other countries. During individual courses such as the degree project, students take part in the activities of research groups and both learn and contribute while working in the labs and discussing with the researchers.

Uppsala University, founded 1477, is the oldest university in Scandinavia. We have a long tradition of high quality education in biology emanating from the days of Linnaeus and Rudbeck, based on joint development of research and education. Eight Nobel Prizes have so far been awarded to researchers from Uppsala University, and every year the new Nobel Laureates are invited to Uppsala to give their open Nobel Lectures. You can watch the most recent on our web. We have 40 000 students and about 2 500 PhD students.

Uppsala is the fourth largest town in Sweden, with about 200 000 inhabitants. It combines the charm of a small town with the possibilities of a big city. Uppsala has a thriving student life, dominated by thirteen student clubs that date back to the 17th century, offering many kinds of social and recreational activites. In Uppsala you will find thousands of international students and a friendly atmosphere where almost everyone speak English. The city is just the right size to be explored by bike, with nature just around the corner for recreation, sports or field studies.

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