Ellen Larsson

Ellen Larsson

Associate Professor – University of Gothenburg


I am currently employed as a Senior Curator of fungi and my research is focused on the diversity, systematics and evolution of ectomycorrhizal agarics, particularly Inocybaceae and Hygrophorus. I did my PhD thesis on skin-like, corticioid fungi with russuloid characteristics and is currently also involved in projects on the taxonomy and systematics of the saprotrophic dark-spored agaric genus Psathyrella and the puffball family Lycoperdaceae. I use DNA sequence data to infer phylogenetic relationships among taxa and for tracing character evolution.

Courses: Fungal identification (BIO402)

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences,
University of Gothenburg
Box 461
405 30 Göteborg, Sweden

Phone: +46 31 786 26 62
E-mail: ellen.larsson@dpes.gu.se
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