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The Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences is Sweden’s largest facility for marine research and teaching. The stations at Kristineberg and Tjärnö are two of Europe’s most modern marine research laboratories, offering unique opportunities for carrying out advanced experimental work. The research stations have a large number of laboratories supplied with water from the surface and sea bottom drawn directly from the fjord. Outdoor experimental facilities consist of a greenhouse and installations for what is known as open-tank experimentation (“ecotrons”) with access to a running supply of water from both the surface and bottom of the fjords. The stations have the use of more than three well equipped research ships and a number of smaller boats. Kristineberg is located at the mouth of the Gullmar fjord, with easy access to coastal habitats and open sea. The station was founded in 1877, as one of the oldest marine stations for education and research in the world. The station at Tjärnö was founded in 1963 and it situated close to the Koster fjord on the west coast of Sweden. Just fifteen minutes away by boat is the only true oceanic environment in Sweden.

Östad Säteri Östad Stiftelse Woodland/agriculture
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Östad Säteri is a farm situated approximately 25 km from Gothenburg on the shore of Lake Mjörn. It has been managed as a foundation since 1774 when the director of the East Indian Company, Niclas Sahlgren, bought it and let establish a educational facility for children from poor families. This operation was abandoned 1945, but new statutes in 2003 opened up for an expansion of educational activities. The Östad foundation sponsors courses visiting the premises with 1 million SEK each year and in addition provides teaching facilities and accommodation for 35 people.