Autumn courses open for application

The following courses are open for late application for autumn term 2023. If you want to take one of these courses please make the application as soon as possible, as places are filled by first come first serve (by date, time of day does not affect chances of getting in, so no need to get up early 😉 )

Alphataxonomical principles 5 ECTS credits, period 1

Fundamental and Molecular Systematics 10 credits, period 2-3 (UPDATED 2023-08-17)

Advanced phylogenetics 10 ECTS credits, period 4-5

Animal Diversity – Invertebrates 10 ECTS credits, period 4-5 (note! dates don’t match NABiS periods)

Curation and Biodiversity Informatics 5 ECTS credits, period 6

Work in progress

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