Diversity and identification of marine invertebrates
(5 ECTS)

(Course code: 1BG394)


Most of the world's animal diversity is found in the sea (all animal phyla are represented) and there are a variety of habitats that have no counterparts in terrestrial or freshwater environments.

In this course we address practical aspects of the diversity of marine invertebrates. You will be confronted with the problems of studying marine organisms and making inventories of marine environments, and you will learn techniques and methods for this. For the major part of the course you will get to know the various phyla and their body plans, get the skills to use the available literature (local faunas, primary publications, check-lists, on-line resources and databases), reference collections and techniques such as DNA barcoding to identify any marine invertebrate.

There is for practical reasons a distinct focus on the Scandinavian marine fauna and there is a two-week practical part of the course that takes place at Klubban Biological Station in Fiskebäckskil, Bohuslän.

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